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Hello lovelies! I’m back with an update! To be honest it’s been a busy month and I had to take some time out to rest after getting backache and overworking myself. I’ve had a thought recently…about being always on the go go go. When you go without taking a minute to yourself, you are actually mentally and physically exhausting yourself. It’s easily forgotten that your mind and body are intrinsically connected.For some time Rest is considered indulgent, and most people I meet these days feel guilty at the thought of taking a minute just to do nothing. Obviously we’re day dreaming if we just put up legs our legs and hope that with a click of a finger someone else will do the work for us. Work and school are non-negotiable and if you are a mum, I am very well aware that there is very little time. For most rest becomes this foreign concept, not even thinkable. What I’m saying is that taking a moment in your life to rest and recuperate could do wonders for your day-to-day life. It will recharge your ability to deal with your commitments, your relationships and your overall health and well-being with more vigor and energy. It’s a worthwhile investment of time, because the efficiency of a well-rested mind will make every area of your life more productive and joyful.I’m glad I’ve caught up with reading my favourite books and getting more beauty sleep. It’s taken me a while to say that it is okay if I wake up some days and think “today is a day I need to give my body a rest.”
What do you do to rest?
Thank you for reading 🙂
Outlanderly x

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