Rocker chic

shoes/jacket/jeans/clutch I normally reserve rocker chic looks for colder months, so today I’m mixing it up! A date look or a night out in warmish weather.  For me the easiest way to look cool and a little edgy is to wear anything in leather.  A studded black leather jacket is an obvious choice, but if…

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Thoughts on High Waisted Jeans

The sun’s slowing coming out and it’s getting seriously warm. Skirts are getting shorter and shorts are even getting more shorter. Living in Taipei I’m used to seeing young woman wear High Waisted Denim shorts, so short that it would attract police attention in many western countries. In winter it’s with thick tights and in summer…

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Spring Fever

So the weather’s warming up and I can finally put my  winter coat away. There’s a big But. It’s been raining for the last two weeks and it looks like winter! Sun.. please come out again. I’ve been thinking whether to walk out with a small jacket or warm sweater. At least it’s warmer. Particularly…

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