A Red Find





You may or may not have heard the Chinese on-line shopping website Taobao. Anyway it’s a great place to find fashionable clothes at really dead cheap prices but, if you’re not careful you might find yourself purchasing fakes or goods at low quality. As usual I treat myself to a purchase for my birthday every year. Browsing after browsing on the web, I found a long red flowing dress from this website. Ok so it looked good from the pictures. Really good. But the reality wasn’t so the same. The material and cut isn’t the same. Of Course I knew that there would be some risk buying from there. I admit that I was disappointed after opening the package but wasn’t surprised. My shopping experience from the site hasn’t always been unfavourable. Oh well. At least it looks  good in pictures. Since I don’t ever plan on wearing it, I decided to bring it along with me on my birthday trip to Penghu and to take some photos by the coast. It was certainly fun to shoot in the dress and I felt good walking around in the water (water goddess moment). I really should have dipped my whole body into the water and maybe I could have looked like a water nymph.

Tell me about your on-line shopping experiences. Love to know. 🙂

outlanderly x