Wedding awe

WeddingWedding WeddingWedding WeddingWedding WeddingWedding


What makes us in awe of weddings. Is it the wedding details, fabulous food, elegant signature cocktails, hand crafted bits and pieces for the wedding breakfast tables, swoon-worthy flowers?  What really matters is the wedding ceremony. The fact that everyone has been brought together on this day to celebrate two people in love who want their loved ones to witness their public commitment to each other. And of course the bride’s anticipated glorious entry to  the groom’s face, when he sees her for the first time are the best moments of a ceremony. It was exactly this time last year that I walked up the aisle exchanging my vows to dear husband. Attending my husband’s friend’s wedding brought me to tears. As I sat watching the bride make her journey to the aisle, it really did trigger some memories of my own wedding. The decorations,  happy smiles, the sweet music and even ‘our song’ we danced to came on. Not to mention the beginning of our marriage, the promise we made and the excitement we felt. We remember all of the good times marriage brings; we comfort in the strength it brings during bad times; and, we celebrate another pair choosing our path, even though we have walked it less-than-perfectly ourselves. Like a classic movie or Shakespearean comedy, we all know how it ends before the first act begins.  So getting back to the question, what makes us in awe of weddings. They inspire us and give us hope.


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