Brighten up your winter! Wear these Colors to Beat the Blues

You know you’ve fallen into a style rut in winter when you’re head-to-toe in monochromatic grayscale looks. In other words, dressed for a funeral. Come winter, dark tones such as black, navy, grey and other deep tones tend to dominate our wardrobes while brights colors stay hidden until summer.

“Colors in our environment affect both our thoughts and emotions" according to Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.

Warmer, brighter colors are usually associated with happiness, and they do in fact make us feel happy or better. Some of you steer clear of wearing brights, but they will attract the right kind of attention in the form of a nice compliment, ‘I love that color,’ or those head turns. This then induces more positive feelings, and perhaps help you beat those January blues.

Think you can’t pull off a bright neon winter coat? or that vinyl skirt? Think again. Look below for some ideas on how to add color in your looks.

Brighten up your winter with these colors.

Brighten up your winter! Wear these Colors to Beat the cold

Red isn't just for Christmas

Red is bright, bold, and unapologetic. A nice red coat easily makes your muted pieces look chic in an instant. Try wearing it with white because it’ll make your look pop, anytime, any season. Personally, I just love red and feel naturally drawn to it. Why wouldn’t you want to wear this hot colour that embodies passion, power, fire and love.

Wear Sunshine Yellow in Small Pops

Optimism, energy and happiness are some of the things associated with this color. Some may find wearing a yellow coat too in your face. How about having it on your face? Yellow sunglasses is a great way to brighten your features. I find wearing yellow pumps really give my look an edge over black!

A Touch of Elegance. Wear Green

Green is a perfect color to warm up any cold season outfit and adds a twist to your outfit. A maxi skirt in deep green goes nicely with black jackets and leather gloves. Dark hues will add a touch to your dark ensembles.



Pant suit green street style

Beat the winter blues by playing it at its own game

Blue pants street-style

Tear yourself away from your the usual black coat and instead try one in a primary blue color. It will make an amazing contrast. Invest in an eye-catching blue bag and team it with your favourite neutral looks.

Soften up your look with Pink

Pink denotes love, affection and serenity. A dose of pink can make you look more feminine and approachable.
Pink is on the girly side, but can easily be toughened up with denim or leather. It’s such a versatile colour and pairs nicely with dark colours and denim. Also, it lifts an outfit instantly, adding a touch of elegance and fun.



pink soft outfit street style

It such a shame really. For god knows how long, we’ve been told that dark tones are meant for fall and winter and bright shades are meant for spring and summer. I do think that we should forget these silly fashion rules and wear whatever makes you happy. Perhaps adding a small dose of colour could help beat the January blues.

Thank you for reading. I’d love to know which colors you like wearing in the winter.

Wishing you all a wonderful week.

Stay warm and stylish :).




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