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Why you should drink Vietnamese coffee | Outlanderly

Vietnamese coffee is totally awesome!

Three things I need once in Vietnam – Currency Exchange, Phở and Vietnamese coffee.

I’ve gone from no coffee to 3 to 4 times a day in Hanoi, I just can’t get enough! I knew Vietnamese coffee was a thing, but ever since my first taste, I’m blown away.

There’s literally a coffee shop in every corner of the streets of Hanoi (across Vietnam), it’s hard to resist. Especially when it rains you’ll find me tucked away in a cozy cafe in the French Quarter.

Vietnamese coffee is part of local daily life. It’s mainly about socializing, communicating, and savoring both your coffee and your time. Packed day and night with a mix of locals and travelers sipping away leisurely. The Vietnamese like their coffee nice and slow, sitting on low plastic stools or in cafes.



What makes Vietnamese coffee special?

"Simply put, Vietnamese coffee is Super espresso laced  with sweetened condensed milk".

But the magic lies in the brewing process. Best served when brewed at your table, which you start to appreciate your cup of coffee even more.

No coffee machine is needed. True Vietnamese coffee is basically Drip Coffee. A metal coffee filter is placed on top of your cup, then dark roast coffee is added. Finally hot water is poured in. Watch your coffee drip down directly into your cup and gradually mixes with the creamy condensed milk. 


Source: howdaily.com

The magic touch for real Vietnamese coffee. 

Before you add in any coffee, your glass cup should have a thick layer of sweetened condensed milk, at least a quarter glass full. Never had sweetened condensed milk in your coffee, you’re missing out.

Vietnam has a variety of coffees, but this one, specifically coffee beans meets condensed milk …. leaves a sweet taste in your mouth… and strangely enough the sugary kick behind the condensed milk balances the strong bitter taste.

Vietnam is the 2nd largest producer in the world after Brazil.

Think of coffee and countries like Brazil, Colombia, or maybe Ethiopia come to mind. But the world’s second-largest exporter today is Vietnam.  Their go-to coffee bean is Robusta, which is mostly used for instant coffee or low quality blends. Coffee isn’t traditionally a Vietnamese drink. French colonialists introduced coffee trees in the mid-1800s, but the Vietnamese have made their own coffee cuture and a booming coffee giant.

"Even for you non-coffee lovers, you'll be surprised how quickly you get hooked on Vietnamese coffee."

Why is Vietnamese coffee so Strong?

The coffee beans used are strong, dark-roasted Robusta beans. It leaves a thick lingering and bitter taste. The strong taste, a thicker brew, and a few over-roasted beans make a different, distinctive taste.  And damn it wakes your brain with that amount of caffeine! You’ll be coffee drunk after two cups!

Whereas, Arabica beans (less produced) tend to have a sweeter, softer taste, with tones of sugar, fruit, and berries.

Tasting Robusta and Arabica right after one another can feel like a kick in your taste-bud, and sometimes the experience can range from exciting to unpleasant. 


Cà Phê Sua Da

source: epicurious.com


Iced coffee served with sweet and creamy condensed milk. This pairing may sound strange to anyone who hasn’t tried it, but condensed milk adds an amazing flavor, sweetness, and texture to dark roasted coffee. 

Cà phê sữa nóng is hot coffee with condensed milk is mostly enjoyed in the Winter months.

Good to know: Due to the limited availability of fresh milk, the French and Vietnamese began to use sweetened condensed milk with a dark roast coffee.

Cà Phê Trứng


Source: traveloriented/Flickr

Trứng is the Vietnamese word for ‘egg,’ and this coffee is made with whipped egg yolk and condensed milk. No, you didn’t read that wrong. Coffee with raw egg is actually the craze, and believe me, it’s not as bad as it sounds. It’s really good and tastes like dessert!!

  • And if you’re not a coffee fan, you can try with chocolate instead – Cà Phê Trứng Cacao or other fruit blends.

Best coffee in Hanoi

 Feeling adventurous? Giảng Cafe offers quite a selection of egg coffee.From egg coffee, egg with cocoa and egg coffee with green beans, to egg with rum. Eggs are used as the main ingredient throughout the menu and it is surely one you will find unforgettable.

Why not try it all at once at Ngon VillaThey serve delicious food and drink and great Vietnamese coffee for a good end to your meal.

Get away from Hanoi’s craziness and relax at Tiffany Cafe ( 174 Ngọc Hà) West Hanoi. You’ll enjoy the amazing Art Nouveau decor more than the coffee. (The coffee is still great 🙂

Trendy, cozy, chic decor with retro tunes. Cong Cafe, a local franchise that carries a Vietnamese theme with propaganda posters and communism evoking the Vietnam war era. You can find this cafe across Hanoi easily, so be sure to taste their coconut coffee. It’s the best!

Where to buy Coffee Beans and a Metal coffee filter

Avoid street coffee vendors that sell low quality beans in the Old Quarter. Don’t get ripped off like I once did. Instead, go for these well known cafes. You can grab a coffee filter of all sizes and sample their coffees for free. 

Kim lai cafe


The Starbucks of Vietnam, Phuc Long coffee beans can only be bought in Ho Chi Minh or online. Don’t worry, delivery is quick.

They serve traditional Vietnamese style coffees as well as teas, juices and a variety of flavoured coffee drinks.

Best Sellers –  

Robusta Coffee With Butter, Arabica Coffee, Moka

Address –  Click  here

Website: Phuc Long


Want to try real good Weasel poo Coffee from the place? Come to Huong Mai cafe, you’ll be surprised of how nice Weasel poo is. Haha. No Joke!

Best Sellers: Classic Traditional Coffee, Weasal coffee

Address: Click here. 

Website: www.huongmaicafe.com


Best Sellers –  

Even recommended by locals, Oriberry beans is King in Hanoi. Come for a great cup of real, freshly roasted local coffee. Take a look at their art pieces and fancy metal coffee makers while you smell the bean aromas.

Best Sellers – Arabica whole beans, Arabica Robusta mixed

Address –  For lovely views of West Lake click here.

Website: www.oriberry.com

The friendly staff at Kim Lai Cafe will patiently explain about all the different coffee seeds.

Give the Weasel Coffee a try! It’s not bitter, intensely aromatic with a smooth chocolatey overtones.

Best Sellers –  Robusta, Moka, Arabica, Blue Mountain.

Address –  Click here

Website: http://kimlaicafe.com

  • You can also get some really good Vietnamese  metal coffee filters by Dong Xuan market. But, I’d warn you, it’s a big place! (15’000 – 50’000 Vnd)

Besides the signature coffees, Vietnam has a variety of different coffees. The Vietnamese are daring people, so finding coffee with yogurt, fruit and even poo shouldn’t be surprising. I’m pretty sure you’ll find the one that suits you best 🙂

How To Make Vietamese Iced Coffee Tutorial

If you like Vietnamese Coffee so much, why not learn how to make it. Here is my easy Tutorial on How To Make Vietnamese Iced Coffee.

Note: You can add 2-3 teaspoons of coffee for a light taste. 3-4 Teaspoons will give you a stronger kick!                                                      Just make sure to add more Condensed milk to counterbalance the bitter taste.

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